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We take a comprehensive approach to implants. We start with a thorough dental exam, and determine the need for an implant. We then utilize digital radiography to evaluate the supporting bone for suitability for an implant. Following placement and integration with the bone, we take impressions for the crown. Working with a high-quality lab, we create beautiful and functional restorations. For those patients needing implant supported dentures, we work with our in-house denturist to ensure a comfortable, great looking result.

What is an Implant?

An implant is a new tooth made of titanium and porcelain that looks just like your natural tooth. Your implant is composed of two parts that mimic a tooth's root and crown. The implant's "root" is a titanium post placed into the periodontal bone to act as a root. Once the post is in place, a porcelain crown is attached to replace the chewing surface of your tooth.

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Without all your teeth, chewing and eating can destabilize your bite and cause you discomfort. The remaining teeth drift out of alignment and can cause periodontal problems such as gum disease. With fewer teeth to distribute the chewing load, you accelerate the wear and breakdown of your remaining teeth.

Additionally, when teeth are missing, your facial structures such as your jaw can shift and cause your face to look older. Implants can solve many of these problems.

Implants may also be used to anchor dentures, especially lower dentures that tend to shift when you talk or chew. For patients with removable partial dentures, implants can replace missing teeth so that you have a more natural-looking smile.

Implant Exam

In order to determine your suitability for an implant, a comprehensive exam is undertaken:

  • Periodontal (gum) evaluation
  • Soft tissue exam
  • Health History Reviewed
  • Pan radiograph
  • Occlusal analysis (Bite)
  • Dental Exam

Following the exam, we will discuss with you the various treatment options. Together we will determine what treatment is the best for you.

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