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Family Dentistry in Tukwila, WA

Family Dentistry in Tukwila, WA

Family dentistry is a branch of dentistry that offers dental treatments for patients of all ages. Several dental services like a dental checkup, examinations, cleanup and treatments are provided to the patients through family dentistry. They maintain a convenient setup where all the family members can avail a complete dental checkup.

Benefits of Visiting Family Dentistry

  • Family Dentists attend to the dental requirements of all the patients. 
  • They conduct routine dental checkups for all the members of the family.
  • A family dentist can detect early signs and symptoms of dental diseases.
  • Emergency dental care is provided to the patients under family dentistry.
  • It helps the patient to maintain good oral hygiene. 
  • Family Dentists maintain the dental records of all the members of the family. It helps to refer to the records during the subsequent dental checkups. 

Services Provided by a Family Dentist

  • Routine dental exams: The family dentists conduct routine dental exams for the patients. They use a small concave mirror to attain a better view of the mouth. Digital imaging systems are used to obtain X-rays that provide better insight into the patients' dental condition. The family dentists also perform treatments that can help maintain better dental health. 
  • Restorations: Small dental deformities can be fixed by a family dentist. They perform treatments like dental bonding to repair broken or cracked teeth. It helps to restore the functionality of the tooth and the appearance of the person. Dental crowns, dental fillings and veneers are other restorative treatments provided to the patient.
  • Dental Cleaning: Most patients tend to have a layer of plaque or tartar on their teeth. It should be cleaned to wash out bacteria from the mouth. Family dentists perform professional dental cleaning that helps to provide clean and radiant teeth to the patient. It helps to avoid dental problems like gum diseases. 
  • Orthodontic Treatment: People who have misaligned teeth are treated through orthodontic procedures. Family dentists evaluate the patients' dental condition to analyze if they are candidates for the treatment. Braces or Invisalign are provided to the patients, which adds pressure to the teeth and pushes them to the desired position. 

Enhanced Smiles, located at Tukwila, WA, is equipped with modern technologies that enable precise dental care treatments for the patients. Dial (206) 575-1000 and schedule a consultation with the dentistry to know more about dental treatments and to receive a complete dental checkup. 


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